Stonecon Ltd

Basic project data

  • architects: Lassila Hirvilammi arkkitehdit Oy ja arkkitehtitoimisto Jani Jansson.
  • real estate owner: Jyväskylä Parish
  • project was carried out during 2007-2010
  • project manager: real estate manager Raimo Katajamäki
  • owner’s consultant: Stonecon Oy
  • structural design: Ramboll Finland Oy
  • structural design of stone structures: Stonecon Oy
  • main contractor: Rakennusliike Porrassalmi Oy
  • stone contractor: Natursil Srl
  • quality control and site supervision: Stonecon Oy

Special features

  • goal of the architectural designg eas to combine the tradition of church building with modern architecture; dark slate brings reflections of the old stone churches
  • roof and most of the facades were covered with slate
  • structural design of stone structures was demanding because there were no earlier experiences available of similar projects in Finland; British specifications were applied in engineering
  • the desired stone material was found in Spain, which is the leading producer of roofing slate
  • stone contractor was chosen based on public tendering of the contract; Spanish stone contractor failed and stone installations had to be accomplished by the Finnish main contractor
  • using a Spanish contractor increased clearly the difficulty of combining the building works as well as the need for site supervision
  • total area of the ready –made slate surface is about 2200 m2; due to the overlapping of the slate tiles the total amount of stone used was about 5000 m2